Frequently Asked Questions

License Plate

  • How do I Claim my Tag?

    You can sign up and Scan your Plate and VIN to claim your tag
  • How do you prevent fake profiles or someone claiming my plate number?

    First, you should Claim your Tag to Reserve it. We take Plate Spoofing very seriously. Please email us immediately at for steps to dispute the duplicate Plate. If you thought about claiming other people's plate, you could be criminally liable for identity theft.
  • Why should I claim my Tag?

    We suggest Reserving your Plate Number to receive Message and Alerts on the Road. You also get more control of Reports and enhance Privacy and Security of your Plate. We also have Banners for Stolen Car notice and Business Branding / For Sale banners right on your personal Plate page!
  • How does CarTags get License Plates data?

    We get Plate reports from public users like you. There is a Federal Law that the DMV and others cannot disclose or sell your plate information.
  • What about Privacy?

    We will Never associate your Plate with your personal info like Name and Address. We just need your Email and Phone to alert you. In addition, All Reports are only publicly viewable for 30 days. After that, we will also remove Locations data from the Report.


  • Why should I buy credits?

    Credits allows you to reward and tip others who help protect your car and save you money like parking ticket, towing, and theft alerts. For each report, if the Tagger has logged in, you can Tip them using Credits. Having available Usable credits increase the chance that Taggers will provide lots of quality reports!
  • How do I cash out my credits?

    If you are a Tagger and have Earned more than 50 credits, you will be able to Cash Out via Paypal email transfer.
  • How do I buy a lot of credits?

    If you are interested in buying more than $100 worth of credits for big rewards like Stolen Car bounty, please email us at

Data Policy

  • How Long is Data Stored?

    All Public reports are displayed for 30 days to promote Public Safety. After that, we remove Location data from both Public and Private reports. After 90 days, all Public and Private Reports will be deleted from our system. If you claim your tag, you may have the option to store Reports data indefinitely.